More things you'll love to do with HI-CAM TPMS 



Smart Alert Feature

HI-CAM TPMS not only reports real-time tire information to
the driver but also driver can check each individual tire at any
time. Once tire pressure or tire temperature goes too high or
too low, HI-CAM TPMS will alert unsafe tire condition to the
driver before it is too late . 


Intuitive User Experience

We believe a good design is intuitive; thus, HI-CAM TPMS is
intuitive and easy to set up. User does not need to have prior
experience to operate.


Patented Valve Design

Patented valve design can provide user adjust any angle without
too much trouble and also can suits to many different vehicle.



Low Power Consumption

After driver stops the car about 10 minutes, the sensor will
stop sending a signal to conserve power. Therefore, under
normal condition (driving the car continuously for 3 hours
per day), the battery life could be more than 5 years.


Safe Driving Interface

HI-CAM TPMS simplifies the way you use your display that
allows driver focus on the road while accessing tire
information in one screen.

High Signal Quality and Strength

Digital signal make strong signal quality and signal strength,
so you don't need to worry lost the connection while driving
in bad weather.

How Does HI-CAM TPMS for Car Work?





2.8 " Color LCD
Operating voltage
IN DC 9V-30V / OUT DC 5V
Operating current
Monitored temperature range
-30℃ to 80℃
Operating temperature
-25℃ to 75℃

Senor and Transmitter

Battery life
More than 5 years, normally
Storage temperature
-40 ℃ to 125 ℃ (option)
Operating temperature
-30 ℃ to  125 ℃ (option)
Operating humidity 
Operating frequency
Tire pressure monitoring range
0~130psi (900 kpa)
Pressure reading accurancy
At normal condition, ± 1 psi at normal pressure range 
Temperature reading accuracy
± 4℃  in normal environmental condition
46.5g (includes valve 16.5g)

Kits ( Includes Tire Valves, Screws & Washers)

User Manual

Bracket for Installation

Car Charger