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Safety begins with HI-CAM TPMS


Q1. What are the benefits of installation of HI-CAM TPMS?
Compared to indirect TPMS, direct TPMS is able to gather more accurate pressure information in near real time as the data is directly from the tire valve via four sensors. Thus, HI-CAM TPMS only manufactures direct TPMS because your safety is priceless as well as our priority to care about. HI-CAM TPMS can prevent not only tire blow up but higher fuel consumption as well. Additionally, it can also extend tire life.      
Q2. How to troubleshoot a monitor that quits working but TPMS is on?
NOTE: Since each of these steps represents a possible solution, check the function of the remote control after completing each step.

1. Make Sure you use the HI-CAM USB Car Charger 
2.Make sure the power cord connector is well connected.
3.Remove the power cord and plug it in again. 
4.If you are still have troube with it, please kindly take it to your disbutor to replace or repair.


Desgined and Assembled in Taiwan



Transimits Signal Quickly   

HI-CAM TPMS is the world's first few TPMS that transmits tire pressure and temperature information to driver in just a few seconds when car starts to drive. Thus, driver can notice any unsafe tire condition before set out on a journey, which can make every car travel extra safer.


Keeps Your Wheel in Balance

Imbalance tire is another common cause of tire blowout or car shake. HI-CAM offers the solution to this issue. Our TPMS will alert driver when one of tires is not proper balance, which reducing the risk of car rollover due to sudden breaking on the car. Thus, with HI-CAM TPMS, your safety is extra secured.


Intuitive User Interface

HI-CAM holds a concept that a good design is intuitive. HI-CAM TPMS simplifies the way you use your display that allows driver focus on the road while accessing tire information in one screen.


R&D and Technology
HI-CAM is dedicated to research because where driver's safety is concerned, technology is essential for innovation.

Deutsches Patent Certification


Precise Production

To manufacture a TPMS meeting HI-CAM's high quality standards, we operate the precise manufacturing at every process of production and quality check is part of the necessary procedure, which ensure the product present to customer is best quality.

Traceability Procedures

Every product made from HI-CAM label is assigned a serial number, which allows us to provide on manifest for tracking document for the customers.   

Patented Design

HI-CAM valve design is patented and the angle can be adapted to the rim within the range of 15° to 40° , which allows to be compatible with many different car.



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