The Importance of TPMS


It is vital for an vehicle's tires to maintain proper tire inflation, as suggested by vehicle manufacturer since it can reduce fuel consumption and the risk of car crash. In addition, when tire pressure is lower than recommended, it can generate high temperature that in turn may lead to car accident due to rapid tire wear or tire blowout. Hence, how to maintain correct tire inflation can be rather essential?  HI-CAM TPMS is an effective solution - it can monitor the tire pressure and alert driver when it goes higher or lower than recommended figure, which improves vehicle and driving safety, increases tire life and saves more gas mileage. 


What is TPMS?

TPMS is short for tire pressure monitoring system, an electronic system that is able to track air pressure inside tires and reports real-time information like tire pressure and temperature to the driver of the vehicles via wireless RF signal from sensor. Due to the benefit of TPMS, reduction of the risk of car accident and gas consumption, in 2005, the United States first passed laws to require new cars to be installed with such system and European Union (EU), Taiwan, South Korea have been following with similar law. Other nations like Japan, India and China are expectedly beginning to forces the installation of TPMS from 2017.

It is a Must-followed Trend 

Such trend has reckoned there will be a rapidly growing global demand for TPMS.   According to a market survey conducted by Reportlinker, the rate for global installation of TPMS has reached 36% in 2014, increased 6 % from the previous year, and will expectedly raise 45% in 2015, which a consumer demand generation could be more than 40 million sets.

Be Safe, Drive smart

We put your safety at first because that is what we care about most ! HI-CAM TPMS allows driver to get the fastest and first hand information about tire pressure and temperature and once tire is under or over proper inflation, it will warn driver, which can enhance the driving safety  and use fuel economically.


Receive Tire Info in 15 secs


Before there were TPMS device and sensor, people had to examine their tires once few months and regularly check the wear on the tread. Fortunately, this is now easier and time saving way to inspect them without getting so much trouble, especially with HI-CAM TPMS. When car starts to driving, these sensors inside tires will send signals to the driver in 15 seconds.

Intuitive Technology 

When presenting with a new technology like TPMS, it is essential to let user understand how to operate immediately. HI-CAM TMPS can use the latest bluetooth 4.0 to work directly with Android and iOS device, which gives you an intuitive technology without the need for learning.  So, knowing many benefits of HI-CAM TPMS, what is holding you back? Let's get started with HI-CAM TPMS today!