Welcome to Our ODM/OEM Service

We have wide ranging and in depth experience and expertise in automotive industry,
which can make any OEM/ODM integration a glowing success. HI-CAM is a Taiwanese
manufacture with the ability to meet the market's demand and provide the suitable
solution. We work with individuals and companies at all stages from concept to finish.
We can bring some high level products and services to you! Thus, contact us today to 
turn your innovative ideas into reality !

Manufacturing Expereince

We have the latest manufacturing equipment, technology, innovative development team and professional sale to give us the capability of fully service OEM/ODM business in addition to deliver the best customer value. Also, our manufacturing factory is in Taiwan and is ISO-9001 certified. HI-CAM is privileged to meet the business demand to ensure business success anywhere and anytime.  

Implementing Your Ideas

We believe the key to successful personalized project is strong and effective communications between HI-CAM and customers. Once customer provides us with concept information in detail, we will inform you the total cost of design, prototyping and cost estimate for this project before the whole process begins. We also assign a personnel to manage your project, to give our customer continuous and premium service.